10 agosto 2006

No time to backup. What if I offer you Free, Automatic and Secure Backups

Well, this is what Mozy is offering to his clients. Starting with 2GB for free, this is the best backup experience I've ever had. Install Mozy, select what folders do you want to backup, schedule it, done (and done for ever).

In the words of Mozy team:

* Free: no setup fee, no monthly payments (Mozy Free)
* Automatic: get started in seconds, then relax
* Secure: your data is always private and encrypted
Maybe, for some people 2GB is not enough, but is certainly enough for your most critical documents and files.

07 agosto 2006

Changing my mind

Some days ago, I decide to integrate my flickr photos in my feedburner feed. Today I changed my mind, so I got out my photos from this feed. Why? Because some people maybe want to read my blog (more tech centric) but not to view my photos (family centric). However, my del.icio.us bookmarks still are in the feedburner feed. If you want to subscribe to my photos, you can do it through the flickr feed.

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Think your WiFi is secure. Think Again.

I want to try this, but unfortunately, I don't have a Mac.

So here's the scary part, from the time it started scanning for wireless networks to the time I was able to crack both wireless network keys (which is all you need to gain access to the wireless network), it took right around 60 seconds. Check out this video...

128 bit WEP encryption secure? Think again! KisMAC + standard dictionary cracks two keys in under 60 seconds. "I'm not even sure if I want to run a wireless network anymore to be honest..."


04 agosto 2006

How do I upload my photos to Flickr?

Upload all the photos taked on a weekend can be a hard job. You have to download them from the camera, delete the bad ones, correct the red eyes, check the brightness, geotagged, tagged and upload to flickr.

So, how do I do this?

1º Download all the photos from the camera and put them in different folders by group.
2º Delete the bad ones.
3º Retouch them with Photoshop Elements.
4º Find the locations of the photos with Google Earth and export them in *.kml format.
5º (This is the great part) Tagging and geotagging the photos in batch with iTag.
6º Upload them to Flickr (it take the tags from the IPTC tags).

Someone know another method to do this more efficiently?

iTag screenshot

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Media Center Open Source

Media Portal is an open source media center, that hasn't anything to envy to Windows Media Center.

It has a lot of features, but the one what I like the most is the Ken burns effect in the slideshow of the pictures section.

The only thing I dislike is that you have to exit the application to change the configuration.

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