15 marzo 2006

Google Reloaded

Like many others, I think the redesign of Google (Google Redux: a design exercise) made by Andy Rutledge is awesome. So, when I found a Greasemonkey script to make it real, I installed it at once. Here is the latest user script.

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06 marzo 2006


Since one time to now, I've been reading... well, listening some books. Of course, this is another part of my selfteaching english course. In this case, to train my hearing. I suggest you two sites to download audiobooks, LibriVox and Free Classic Audio Books.

01 marzo 2006

Can you help me discover more music that I'll like?

Pandora is a great service which help you to find music that you like. Something like Music Plasma, but it plays the music. It's like having a radio station personalize with your "music tastes".

PS: Why are you writting in English? Well, I'm studying the TOEFL and GMAT to applied for an MBA. So, I think that's is a good practice to write a little in English. I'd like to ask you, that if you find a mistake in my English, please correct me in the comments o send me a e-mail with the correction.

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