21 marzo 2007

Why Google should buy Zooomr?

The reasons why Google should buy Zooomr:

1º Because Picasa Web Albums sucks.
2º Because Yahoo went ahead Google buying Flickr.
3º Because Zooomr is the only real competitor of Flickr.
4º Because Google has already demonstrated us that it knows how to maintain independent marks with it's community (YouTube case).
5º Because Zooomr already has integration with Google services (Google Maps).
6º Because Yahoo has pissed off several Old Skool Member of Flickr.
7º Because Zooomr has all the potential to surpass Flickr.

17 marzo 2007


So, I recently decided to make an MBA in IESE

(Barcelona). I think this will be a real adventure. A new country, a big challenge... and a lot of money.

It won't be easy, because I will make this trip with two little children. But I suppose that it will be more difficult for my wife than for me, because she is the one who will be with them the most time of the day.

However, I will try to not stress myself with all the sudy. Surely, I will try to travel a lot in Europe. In fact, I'm going to buy a gps to geotag my photos so everyone can follow our trips (and do for youself if you are pleased with what you see).

PS: now I'm going to write in English to train myself for the MBA, so If someone want to correct me, I will thanks him.

PS2: post number 100. Nice that was one that reflect a so big change in my life.

11 marzo 2007

Nice sign

Originally uploaded by Vikingo's Pub.
Here it's a nice sign I saw in Puerto Varas, Chile. In English says something like this: "In Puerto Varas habitants aren't exceed, drive safely".