21 marzo 2007

Why Google should buy Zooomr?

The reasons why Google should buy Zooomr:

1º Because Picasa Web Albums sucks.
2º Because Yahoo went ahead Google buying Flickr.
3º Because Zooomr is the only real competitor of Flickr.
4º Because Google has already demonstrated us that it knows how to maintain independent marks with it's community (YouTube case).
5º Because Zooomr already has integration with Google services (Google Maps).
6º Because Yahoo has pissed off several Old Skool Member of Flickr.
7º Because Zooomr has all the potential to surpass Flickr.

5 comentarios:

striatic dijo...

"Because Zooomr is the only real competitor of Flickr."

not. even. close.

Anónimo dijo...

zooomr a competitor? hardly.
so many of the current start-ups seem to have only one exit strategy: to be bought out by google or yahoo. when will they ever learn.

Trou Macacq dijo...


Zooomr not competitor of Flickr only because Kristopher wasted his time in travels around the world.

Mark III should kick ass!

Anónimo dijo...

not even close in the user base but is the only competitor on a technological level.
I also believe that google should buy zooomr!


pregnantboy dijo...

Cos Zooomr already has a lot of "oooo" in his brand!