29 julio 2006


Parkour rocks. Watch this video to know about it.


19 julio 2006

Changing to feedburner

Yesterday, I decided to change all my feeds to Feedburner. Also I integrated my photos from flickr and my bookmarks from del.icio.us into this feed.

So, if there is someone reading, please update your feeds to this direction:


, ,

16 julio 2006

Icons for the footer

Here are the icons for my footer

, , ,

15 julio 2006

New Design

The new design is base in Curves in Blue theme made by Bryan Buchs.

I only had to change this two images.


07 julio 2006

Maybe one day....

Maybe one day I can make a house in this great place in the border of Lago Ranco.

Sitio Ranco
Sitio RancoHosted on Zooomr

01 julio 2006

Wibiki: competencia para FON

Wibiki appears as a competence of FON. But thing, because two excelent effort wil be incompatible in the future, and will be two comunnities with the same objective but independant one of each other.