17 marzo 2007


So, I recently decided to make an MBA in IESE

(Barcelona). I think this will be a real adventure. A new country, a big challenge... and a lot of money.

It won't be easy, because I will make this trip with two little children. But I suppose that it will be more difficult for my wife than for me, because she is the one who will be with them the most time of the day.

However, I will try to not stress myself with all the sudy. Surely, I will try to travel a lot in Europe. In fact, I'm going to buy a gps to geotag my photos so everyone can follow our trips (and do for youself if you are pleased with what you see).

PS: now I'm going to write in English to train myself for the MBA, so If someone want to correct me, I will thanks him.

PS2: post number 100. Nice that was one that reflect a so big change in my life.

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