04 agosto 2006

How do I upload my photos to Flickr?

Upload all the photos taked on a weekend can be a hard job. You have to download them from the camera, delete the bad ones, correct the red eyes, check the brightness, geotagged, tagged and upload to flickr.

So, how do I do this?

1º Download all the photos from the camera and put them in different folders by group.
2º Delete the bad ones.
3º Retouch them with Photoshop Elements.
4º Find the locations of the photos with Google Earth and export them in *.kml format.
5º (This is the great part) Tagging and geotagging the photos in batch with iTag.
6º Upload them to Flickr (it take the tags from the IPTC tags).

Someone know another method to do this more efficiently?

iTag screenshot

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